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Funeral masses begin as remains are brought home

21 June 2015 12:45:55 Dublin News latest RSS headlines - Dublin News.com

Funeral ceremonies for five of the six Irish students who were killed when a balcony collapsed in Berkeley last Tuesday will take place over the coming week after their loved-ones brought ...

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Haughey home set for a leisure and tourism revival

20 May 2015 09:44:02 The Irish Post

The Dublin home of former Taoiseach Charles Haughey could be turned into a tourism and leisure facility The post Haughey home set for a leisure and tourism revival appeared first on The Irish Post .

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Inside the dilapidated Haughey estate that is due to be turned into a resort

11 May 2015 21:41:03 Ireland News latest RSS headlines - Irish Sun.com

THE NEW JAPANESE owners of Charlie Haughey’s palatial Abbeville estate have taken the first steps towards developing the property into a luxury resort. Planning documents lodged with ...

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Classes cancelled so students can attend Logan Kehoe funeral in Birmingham

04 May 2015 20:50:06 Ireland News latest RSS headlines - Irish Sun.com

Only exam students will be expected to attend lessons on Thursday, May 14, when a funeral for the 13-year-old takes place at St Dunstan's Catholic Church in Kings Heath, Birmingham. ...

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Charles Haughey’s yacht opens to public in Dublin

30 April 2015 01:45:52 Ireland News latest RSS headlines - Irish Sun.com

Leo George Devitt, a historian from Raheny, Dublin, on board the Celtic Mist, which was once owned by late former taoiseach Charles Haughey. The yacht has opened to the public as part of ...

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Funeral held for murdered Dublin man as hunt for killers continues

25 February 2015 00:39:17 Ireland News latest RSS headlines - Irish Sun.com

The remains of Edward Nugent, who was shot dead at the front door of his home, are taken from the Church of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary, Walkinstown, after his funeral Mass. ...

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President leads huge turnout for funeral of Frank Prendergast

23 February 2015 20:42:48 Limerick Leader - News Feed

“A LIBRARY closed on Thursday night when your dad passed” was how one of the mourners put it to Conor, son of the late Frank Prendergast, at the removal of the former TD and Mayor of Limerick on Sunday night.

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Edward Daly, Limerick-born executed 1916 leader

22 February 2015 10:45:45 An Phoblacht

EDWARD 'NED' DALY, one of the executed 1916 leaders and commandant of the Fourth Battalion, where some of the fiercest fighting of the Rising took place, was born on Frederick Street, Limerick, in February 1891.

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Disbelief in Walkinstown over murder of ‘pleasant’ Edward Nugent

16 February 2015 19:14:22 Ireland News latest RSS headlines - Irish Sun.com

There was a sense of disbelief in Walksinstown in Dublin on Monday at the killing of Edward Nugent, with locals saying the 64-year-old was a nice man who did not cause any trouble. ...

Vice All News Time16 February 2015 19:14:22

Family ‘shocked’ at ‘completely wrong’ depiction of Charlie Haughey

21 January 2015 19:27:55 Ireland News latest RSS headlines - Irish Sun.com

S?an Haughey, the son of former taoiseach Charlie Haughey, said his father's portrayal in an three-part drama series (where Charlie Haughey was played by Aidan Gillen above) ...

Vice All News Time21 January 2015 19:27:55