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Naked sectarianism at bonfire ‘hate-fests’ must be confronted by unionism, says Gerry Adams

16 July 2017 11:50:04 An Phoblacht

‘I am sure the vast majority of unionists, including members of the Orange, are appalled at the aggression and sectarianism around some bonfires’

Vice All News Time16 July 2017 11:50:04


Leo Varadkar elected as Taoiseach, endorsed by Fianna Fáil but opposed by Sinn Féin

16 June 2017 15:58:18 An Phoblacht

If new Fine Gael Taoiseach believes the people support his right-wing policies then he should test it in a general election, Gerry Adams says

Vice All News Time16 June 2017 15:58:18

The End for Enda – Kenny’s last day as Taoiseach as Leo is lined up for power by Fianna Fáil

14 June 2017 10:33:16 An Phoblacht

Enda Kenny has had his successes but his tenure includes many abject failures too, Sinn Féin leader Gerry Adams tells Dáil

Vice All News Time14 June 2017 10:33:16

SDLP backs Border poll after Brexit negotiations end – Gerry Adams welcomes move

31 May 2017 01:59:21 An Phoblacht

All Dáil parties claiming to support a united Ireland should join calls for ‘Unity Referendum’

Vice All News Time31 May 2017 01:59:21

‘We need a change of Government, not just a change of Taoiseach’ – Gerry Adams

18 May 2017 17:30:09 An Phoblacht

Enda Kenny came to power promising a democratic revolution but leaving a legacy of crisis, chaos and unaccountability

Vice All News Time18 May 2017 17:30:09

The future of two Unions – Gerry Adams

11 May 2017 09:11:58 An Phoblacht

A strong vote for Sinn Féin – a strong vote against Brexit and for Irish unity – are essential on June 8th

Vice All News Time11 May 2017 09:11:58

Taoiseach sidesteps Dáil call by Gerry Adams for public inquiry into killing of garda by alleged agent

03 May 2017 22:12:17 An Phoblacht

Scope of Garda watchdog probe not satisfactory for victim’s family

Vice All News Time03 May 2017 22:12:17

Brexit ‘crunch time’ for Taoiseach on Saturday but he’s keeping Irish public in the dark, says Gerry Adams

27 April 2017 16:35:05 An Phoblacht

‘The Taoiseach gave a commitment in March to set out the Government priorities ahead of the EU summit’

Vice All News Time27 April 2017 16:35:05

Hopes for peace in the Basque Country, writes Gerry Adams

19 April 2017 10:52:43 An Phoblacht

The final act by ETA of putting its weapons beyond use has the potential to transform the relationships between the Basque Country and the Spanish and French states

Vice All News Time19 April 2017 10:52:43

A new, generous unionist approach will be met with generosity from Sinn Féin – Gerry Adams

18 April 2017 16:09:44 An Phoblacht

‘So, DUP and UUP – it’s over to you. Sinn Féin is up for the challenge.’

Vice All News Time18 April 2017 16:09:44

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