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Waterford youth volunteer recognised in 2017 Pramerica Spirit of Community Awards

16 February 2017 01:09:28 Frontpage

For the dedication she has demonstrated in service to her community, Eimear Mansfield, from Waterford has been recognised as one of 20 finalists in the 2017 Pramerica Spirit of Community Awards, the only allIreland youth initiative of its kind which rewards post-primary students for outstanding acts of volunteerism and the positive contribution they make in their local communities and further afield. Eimear, a fifth year student at Newtown School, Waterford, was inspired to volunteer after a visit by Jonathan Irwin of the Jack and Jill Foundation to her school. She was deeply affected by the story of his son Jack and was motivated to do what she could to make a difference to the lives of children and their families. Eimear, with her classmates, set up an initiative called ‘Hares on the March Waterford’ which was a variation of the existing Dublin initiative. The project was logistically challenging as it involved sending plain hare statues to different schools and youth projects in the area to be decorated by the young people, gaining sponsorship from local businesses, and finally, placing the hares at different locations across the town as landmarks on a 5km fitness trail to encourage activity. To do so, Eimear and the team liaised with primary and secondary schools, scouted 10 key locations and secured permission at high-profile spots with high footfall such as the Waterford Crystal Visitors Centre and Ardkeen Stores. The project raised nearly ?14,000 for the Jack and Jill Foundation. “Eimear was a superb leader in the Hares on the March Project,” said School principal Keith Lemon. “She inspired the rest of the TY students to work with her and create a project that was one of the most talked about and unique projects ever done in our school by TY students.” The post-primary students, who hail from all corners of Ireland, will be presented with ?500 and an engraved silver medallion at the gala awards ceremony on 23rd March at the Crowne Plaza Hotel in Dublin with special guest speaker Irish international rugby player Jordi Murphy. At the gala, two of the 20 students will be named All-Ireland Youth Volunteers of the Year, receiving ?1,000, a gold medallion, a crystal trophy for their school and an all-expense paid trip to the United States in May to participate in the Prudential Spirit of Community Awards ceremony. “The 20 finalists are extremely passionate about the work they carry out in their local community, and their stories are truly inspiring,” said Andrea McBride, vice president, Pramerica Systems Ireland. “From supporting young people with Down syndrome to travelling to work in an orphanage abroad, they are aiding a broad range of charities and organisations through their selfless acts of volunteerism. It is humbling to see the commitment and dedication from these young people, and we are honoured to recognise the volunteering they are doing in their local schools, communities and abroad to make the lives better of those less fortunate than themselves.” The programme is run in partnership with the National Association of Principals and Deputy Principals (NAPD) and the General Teaching Council for Northern Ireland (GTCNI). The programme is also supported by Volunteer Now, Volunteer Ireland, Scouting Ireland and Foróige.

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Back to school - 5 challenges that parents and teachers face in IT security

28 August 2015 13:52:58 Frontpage

ESET Ireland reminds that with schools soon resuming their activities it’s time to take the necessary precautions relating to IT security for kids. Sharing photos, videos, status updates, messages and other types of information are part of daily life for children and teenagers, and when they return to school their smartphone usage is only bound to increase. As such, parents need to be more attentive to ensure appropriate use of internet by their children, while teachers need to teach their pupils about healthy use of technology. Challenge #1 The internet is a vast source of information, much of which could contain offensive or even dangerous content. Challenge #2 Malicious code, phishing scams and malicious websites are just some of the IT threats out there in vast numbers on the internet. Challenge #3 A third challenge for parents and teachers relates to grooming, a process whereby an adult attempts to persuade a child to engage in sexual activities, by developing an emotional connection with the child and a sense of trust. Challenge #4 It is essential to educate children about ensuring privacy while online. Practices like sending messages or photos with nude or sexual content are increasingly common and can lead to various very risky situations. Challenge #5 Lastly, there is a real need to teach kids about using social networks responsibly, as these tend to be the platforms on which the majority of cyberbullying and harassment take place. What does ESET Ireland recommend we do to look after them? The first step for parents and teachers, keeping in mind the speed with which technology develops, is to equip themselves with the knowledge they need in order to educate kids appropriately. Once they are aware of the current risks and threats, they can face the challenges by engaging in the following good practices in IT security: 1. The most important point is to create a space in which to talk about threats and habits online. To do this, parents and teachers need to understand the threats and explain to children in what ways they could be in danger. 2. We also have to remember that we are responsible for what we upload to the internet and that the moment we post a photo or video, we lose control of the material and have no way of knowing how it might be used. 3. We have to be careful with the types of information we post online. Details like our home address and telephone numbers should not be shared on social networks. 4. The internet makes it easier for people to be anonymous, so we can’t know with absolute certainty who is on the other side of the social network, unless it’s someone we know in real life. For these reasons, we have to be very careful with messages from people we don’t know who try to contact us via social networks. 5. Have a security solution including an antivirus software, social network monitoring and a firewall for all your equipment. It’s important to emphasise that desktop computers are not the only equipment that needs to be protected, as devices like smartphones and tablets also can be targets for attack. While our young ones are the ones actually going back to school, parents and teachers are also going to have to make the grade in certain subjects over the course of this new semester. Being aware of the full extent of technology’s reach and the risks that come with using it badly are the first steps in ensuring that children and teenagers can enjoy the benefits of technology in safe manner. Stay up to date with latest threats by reading ESET Ireland's blog or following us on Facebook or Twitter.

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Youths tackle Mourne Mountain Adventure Challenge

22 April 2015 15:02:18 Latest Newry News, Newry Sport and Newry Business for Newry City

This Saturday 25 April the successful Mourne Mountain Adventure is back with up to 400 youths aged between 13 and 18 years taking on the challenging task of navigating their way across the mountains. The event, which was established in 2012, has exceeded all expectations with hundreds of young people across Northern Ireland enrolling every

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Darragh elected to Youth Parliament

15 March 2015 13:03:38 Impartial Reporter | News Headlines

Fermanagh and South Tyrone’s new Member of Youth Parliament (MYP) is Darragh O’Reilly from Newtownbutler.

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Get active in the great outdoors

08 March 2015 16:14:23 Impartial Reporter | News Headlines

A Spring Outdoor Activity Day has been organised on Saturday 14 March 2015 to encourage families to get active in the great outdoors

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Cllrs Murphy and Wyse roll out Active Citizen Programme

26 February 2015 03:22:44 Frontpage

At the December meeting of the Plenary Council, Cllr Jason Murphy had a motion passed by Waterford City and County Council that they would back an Active Citizen programme for school children throughout Waterford. After receiving unanimous support from the council, Cllr Jason Murphy and Cllr Adam Wyse contacted Harry Flynn, Principal of Scoil Lorcain boys’ school. The two metro based councillors spoke to the two 6th classes of Scoil Lorcain on Wednesday,18th February. The aim of the Active citizen programme is to try and influence at an early age the mindset of these children that Anti Social Behaviour is massively hindering their own city and own futures. Cllr Adam Wyse, a past pupil of Scoil Lorcain spoke to the classes hosting over 50 pupils about acts of vandalism he has seen in his area. From Bus Shelters, to street lights and windows in homes being smashed. "The council has to spend big money every year to repair damage that is done to the city and county, there are lots of things that we could do with the money to improve the city’s facilities, instead of repairing what shouldn’t be broken". Cllr Wyse added that boredom has alot to do with Anti Social Behaviour in the area. " I’ve grown up on the Dunmore Road and there isn’t a lot for kids to do there. You see crowds of young adults gathering outside shops because of the lack of facilities there. Not every family can bring their kids to the cinema or to Splashworld every weekend and we have a responsibility as councillors to provide facilities for these people". The pupils were very enthusiastic about the programme and were full of questions for Cllr’s Murphy and Wyse. One student asked " What does the council actually do and who’s allowed be on it" € Cllr Jason Murphy explained that the Council is made up of 32 members who are all elected by the people of Waterford, he explained the different electoral areas made up of different councillors and told the pupils that the council is in charge of lots of different things. The roads, The buildings, Housing and lots of events that happen throughout the year such as Winterval and The Harvest Festival. He explained how you don’t have to be a councillor to help your community. "Recently I took part in a community clean up in Templars Hall along with my fellow Fianna Fail councillors and students from the WIT." Cllr Murphy added: " As a public representative it is your job to ensure the people living in your area are satisfied with the service they are receiving from the council. This year I have had the honour to serve as Deputy Mayor and have met multiple groups of people who work for different communities and different projects, all working to make Waterford a better place to live. These people are the role models for the city. You may have seen the recent arson attacks on St Saviours GAAClub, the Boxing club and the youth services office. Many of these people are working on a voluntary basis and after the terrible news or the damage done they got straight back into work because they couldn’t let down the young adults and children in that area. That’s what inspires me to be a better, more active citizen and I hope it does the same for you." At the end of the talk , the pupils took part in a small quiz about Waterford with many testing even the Councillors knowledge. The Quizzes were then drawn out of a box and one pupil from each class won a huge Easter Egg. The Pupils all received a Certificate of Completion for taking part which was signed by Cllr Jason Murphy and Cllr Adam Wyse and were officially named the First Active Citizens of Waterford.

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President cites youth unemployment as Europe’s biggest challenge

05 February 2015 10:13:24 Ireland News latest RSS headlines - Irish Sun.com

Avril Buttle and Julie Patterson with their Gaisce medals. President Michael D Higgins said the stories of those who won awards were "so rich, diverse and valuable". Dara Mac ...

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Brexit presents challenge to Ireland

09 December 2014 19:03:16 Dublin News latest RSS headlines - Dublin News.com

Britain is "playing Ireland at Ireland's game" in terms of actively encouraging foreign direct investment, IBEC director Danny Mc Coy said in Brussels today. (Photograph: ...

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British exit from EU would present challenge to Ireland

09 December 2014 19:03:16 Dublin News latest RSS headlines - Dublin News.com

Britain is "playing Ireland at Ireland's game" in terms of actively encouraging foreign direct investment, IBEC director Danny Mc Coy said in Brussels today. (Photograph: ...

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Swords Youths Team Up With Local Tidy Towns

07 October 2014 04:36:33 North County Leader

A group of four young people attending the local Swords Youth Reach have kicked off a 13 week Community Involvement programme working towards a Bronze Gaisce Presidential award. They began this programme by surveying the local area around Swords, in particular main street and identified key areas which needed special attention and revamping. This group of young people are all members of Swords Baldoyle Youth Service and are in the process of completing all elements required to achieve this Gaisce award. This award is obtained by completing 13 weeks in four different challenge areas which are physical recreation, personal skill, community involvement and an adventure journey. A partnership between Crosscare Swords Baldoyle Youth Service and Swords Youth Reach was formed a number of years ago and links remain strong. Youth workers, Shona Whelan and Aisling Farrelly began this Gaisce programme with the young people in Swords Youth Reach in February this year. With the assistance of Youth Reach staff and in particular manager, Edward Manning the young people have progressed to the final stages of obtaining this coveted presidential award. Even though some of the young people involved in this award are not all living within the Swords area, they were eager to form an alliance with the local Tidy Towns group, as they felt that some areas had begun to look unkempt and grimy. With the assistance of Tidy Towns chairman Ken Duffy, the young people and Youth workers decided the best use of time would be spent repainting and giving a fresh look to key areas around main-street and surrounding locations. It is hoped that all young people will complete their Gaisce Bronze award early in 2015, with the aim that they will then continue on to achieve Silver and Gold Gaisce awards. Chairperson of Swords Tidy Towns, Ken Duffy said, “This is a great opportunity for us to connect with the youths and to show them what we do in keeping our town clean. Hopefully, it will encourage them to take pride in their communities, and what they learn here, can increase their awareness of keeping their areas clean,” he said.

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