Camlough student wins place on leading graduate programme

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17 February 2017 17:17:40 Latest Newry News, Newry Sport and Newry Business for Newry City

A Newry student has won a place on a leading graduate programme delivered by Willis Insurance & Risk Management and South Eastern Regional College (SERC). Owen Finnegan, a law graduate from Camlough is taking part in the worked-based learning programme which aims to build the management skills of students and open a pathway to employment Full article on Camlough student wins place on leading graduate programme

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Dunbia launches new graduate programme

1.1784654 30 January 2016 16:01:50 - This domain may be for sale!

Leading Agri-Food company, Dunbia has launched a new graduate programme for 2016.

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Carlisle auctioneer wins top graduating student award at high-level Harper Adams course

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On 11th January 2016, the 11 of the 41 students of the Livestock Market Operations and Management course at Harper Adams University celebrated their graduation ceremony, with Carlisle-based young auctioneer, John Helme winning the top graduating student award.

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125 students win All Ireland Scholarship Programme

0.82191926 21 November 2015 18:50:27 Dublin News latest RSS headlines - Dublin

125 students from across Ireland and Northern Ireland have been awarded scholarships to fund their college education from the All Ireland Scholarship Programme which is funded by the Irish ...

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Child’s drawing leads to spectacular sculpture in Camlough

0.77078825 06 August 2015 16:36:33 Latest Newry News, Newry Sport and Newry Business for Newry City

Last week saw the launch of Camlough Public Art ‘Con-Flux’ by artist Holger Lonze. The starting point for this concept was taken from a children’s drawing made during one of the initial workshops carried out by local artist Tracey McVerry. The idea follows the natural water cycle; a spectacular visual effect is created by the

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Newry’s young mums graduate from Family Programme

0.7521779 24 July 2015 17:00:44 Latest Newry News, Newry Sport and Newry Business for Newry City

The first set of young mums to take part in the Southern Trust’s Family Nurse Partnership Programme have graduated. Twenty six first time mothers who signed up to the programme in early 2013 are now celebrating the milestone of their babies’ second birthdays. Supported by the Department of Health, Social Services and Public Safety and

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Student venture GradHow wins inaugural UCD Startup Stars programme

0.7347907 15 July 2015 22:06:17 Dublin News latest RSS headlines - Dublin

Student venture GradHow wins inaugural UCD Startup Stars programme An early-stage business that will equip students with the information they need to find their ideal job has won the inaugural UCD ...

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Student loans and graduate taxes will lead to an exodus

0.66067564 18 November 2014 10:34:55 Ireland News latest RSS headlines - Irish

The rankings system and the real world do coincide in just one area: in addressing the level of staff-to-student ratios. These ratios soared by 30 per cent from 1:18 in 2008 to 1:24 in ...

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Sixth Year Graduation For Donabate Students

0.66067564 17 June 2014 03:00:11 North County Leader

Six years ago in 2008, students from Donabate/ Portrane entered into the unknown territory of Donabate Community College. Just a short few years later, they are now the first year group to graduate from the school. Recently, the school held its first ever Graduating Ceremony in honour of the students. The ceremony began with a procession of the graduating classes to the applause of their proud parents, and an Awards Ceremony. Students then received their graduation certificates from Mr. Creevey and their tutors. Mr. McCormack and Ms Whelan spoke about the sixth year group and gave some advice on what the next chapter of life may bring. Chris Johnston and Rebecca Woods spoke on behalf of the students – reflecting on friends made, lessons learned and hopes for the future. Mr Creevey and Mrs. Flynn addressed those present – congratulating students on their success and wished them luck in their exams. Susan Quinn, Chairperson of the Parent’s Council, congratulated all students and thanked all those who had helped to decorate the hall. Sixth year music students provided the musical interlude throughout the evening, while all students took to the stage to perform a final song, ‘I’ll Be There For You’. A reception took place after the ceremony which was hosted by the Parents’ Council. The school would like to say thanks to all the students, their parents and all who assisted in organising the ceremony.

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More graduates availing of Springboard jobseekers programme

0.66067564 09 June 2014 13:38:14 Ireland News latest RSS headlines - Irish

Higher Education Authority (HEA) found that "from year to year Springboard participants have ever higher levels of previous educational ...

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6000 jobseekers places in Springboard programme

0.6581557 09 June 2014 13:38:12 Ireland News latest RSS headlines - Irish

From today, jobseekers can apply for a free place in higher education, including degree and post-graduate courses, through the Government's 'Springboard' ...

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