‘Snap’ protest at DUP office over Irish language comments by Arlene Foster

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08 February 2017 12:01:45 An Phoblacht

Crocodiles rock up at Nelson McCausland’s HQ Full article on ‘Snap’ protest at DUP office over Irish language comments by Arlene Foster

Vice All News Time08 February 2017 12:01:45


Belfast Feminist Network condemns Arlene Foster for sexist comments about Michelle O’Neill

1.1835676 16 May 2017 20:05:38 An Phoblacht

“The idea that women who care ‘too much’ about their appearance are just pretty faces and not to be taken seriously is a classic sexist view”

Vice All News Time16 May 2017 20:05:38

‘Foster’s Irish language comments odious’ – McNulty

0.9047764 14 February 2017 09:02:32 Latest Newry News, Newry Sport and Newry Business for Newry City

SDLP Assembly Member for Newry and Armagh Justin McNulty has described former First Minister Arlene Foster’s comments on the prospects of an Irish Language Act as ‘odious’. McNulty has said the SDLP will not allow Arlene Foster to continue to treat all things Irish with such disdain and disrespect. McNulty said, “Arlene Foster’s arrogance and

Vice null Time14 February 2017 09:02:32

DUP's Arlene Foster becomes First Minister – Martin McGuinness reappointed deputy First Minister

0.88488287 11 January 2016 23:49:03 An Phoblacht

Sinn Féin deputy First Minister Martin McGuinness MLA said he is committed to working with new First Minister Arlene Foster for the benefit of everyone in society

Vice All News Time11 January 2016 23:49:03

Arlene Foster is the Acting First Minister of Northern Ireland

0.7327207 10 September 2015 19:00:14 Impartial Reporter | News Headlines

Arlene Foster is now the Acting First Minister of the Northern Ireland Executive following Peter Robinson's decision to step aside.

Vice All News Time10 September 2015 19:00:14

Protest over language school sector

0.716502 05 May 2015 12:15:37 Ireland News latest RSS headlines - Irish Sun.com

Non-EU students plan to demonstrate in Dublin city centre later today to highlight what they say is the exploitation of international students and staff working in the international ...

Vice All News Time05 May 2015 12:15:37

Arlene Foster: I back Tom Elliott

0.716502 21 March 2015 01:14:32 Impartial Reporter | News Headlines

DUP MLA Arlene Foster now says she backs Tom Elliott in his bid for Westminster despite saying just months ago that he could not win.

Vice All News Time21 March 2015 01:14:32

DUP MLA Arlene Foster seeks suspension of Belfast Metropolitan Area Plan court hears

0.7079063 17 December 2014 00:25:52 Ireland News latest RSS headlines - Irish Sun.com

A Stormont Minister is to seek the suspension of a planning blueprint for greater Belfast as part of her legal challenge to its approval by an Executive colleague, the High Court heard ...

Vice All News Time17 December 2014 00:25:52

Irish language row Ulster Scots Centre opening attendees embarrassed by DUP MP Gregory Campbells curry my yoghurt comments

0.6411306 28 November 2014 19:25:17 Ireland News latest RSS headlines - Irish Sun.com

Culture Minister Caral Ni Chuilin - who officially opened the new Discover Ulster-Scots Centre in Belfast - has said that some people attending the event told her they were ...

Vice All News Time28 November 2014 19:25:17

Curry my yogurt DUPs Gregory Campbell criticised for ignorant Irish language comments

0.6169101 04 November 2014 09:48:37 Dublin News latest RSS headlines - Dublin News.com

He came under fire for his comments from the Culture Minister Caral Ni Chuilin, during a debate on the Irish language and Ulster Scots.Speaking today, he said "curry my yogurt can coca ...

Vice All News Time04 November 2014 09:48:37

Protest in support of Irish language set for Belfast

0.5428658 13 April 2014 00:17:21 Ireland News latest RSS headlines - Irish Sun.com

The Irish language community is demanding equality, rights and fairness from governments north and south of the border.Members of Conradh na Gaeilge will stage a protest in Belfast at 2pm this ...

Vice All News Time13 April 2014 00:17:21