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No return to direct rule, says Michelle O’Neill after Tory statement on Stormont

29 March 2017 15:14:36 An Phoblacht

Irish Government should oppose any move to return to direct rule

Více All News Time29 March 2017 15:14:36


Once upon a time in Free Derry

28 March 2017 17:52:27 An Phoblacht

As the tears flowed with the strength of a flood, they remembered that he had fought – he had fought for them

Více All News Time28 March 2017 17:52:27

Fianna Fáil has no confidence in Garda Commissioner – but it won’t back Sinn Féin ‘no confidence’ motion!

28 March 2017 17:52:27 An Phoblacht

Mícheál Martin and Jim O’Callaghan do political somersaults rather than support Sinn Féin on Garda chief’s accountability

Více All News Time28 March 2017 17:52:27

‘Yesterday, Ireland lost a hero’ – Gerry Adams

25 March 2017 14:03:59 An Phoblacht

Widespread political and economic discrimination and the Orange State’s violent suppression of the civil rights campaign, the Battle of the Bogside and the emerging conflict propelled Martin into a life less ordinary

Více All News Time25 March 2017 14:03:59

Without Martin McGuinness we would have no Peace Process, Gerry Adams tells RTÉ in Derry City

22 March 2017 13:55:35 An Phoblacht

Tenacious former IRA leader was pivotal to the drive towards reconciliation and equality for nationalists in the gerrymandered state

Více All News Time22 March 2017 13:55:35

‘Our Martin’ – Martin McGuinness RIP

21 March 2017 21:53:59 An Phoblacht

Read Dominic Doherty’s insight into Martin McGuinness and his contribution to the fight for peace with justice in Ireland.

Více All News Time21 March 2017 21:53:59

Time to deliver on unfinished business, says Michelle O’Neill as Stormont talks resume

21 March 2017 19:13:48 An Phoblacht

‘The British Government must now step up and deliver on their commitments otherwise political progress on restoring the institutions is in serious doubt’

Více All News Time21 March 2017 19:13:48

Britain’s Brexit trigger – Irish Government ‘must act decisively, Dáil hears

21 March 2017 19:13:48 An Phoblacht

‘Taoiseach must act decisively to stand up for Ireland’s national interests and secure Special Designated Status for the North of Ireland within the EU’ – Seán Crowe

Více All News Time21 March 2017 19:13:48

DUP to meet McGurk’s Massacre families after Nolan Show on-air commitment

20 March 2017 08:31:05 An Phoblacht

Jeffrey Donaldson agrees on radio show to meet relatives of 1971 UVF bomb attack blamed on IRA by Unionist Government, RUC and British Army

Více All News Time20 March 2017 08:31:05

Fine Gael attacks on PAC watchdog are unacceptable, says David Cullinane TD

18 March 2017 13:46:54 An Phoblacht

‘The Public Accounts Committee did its work fairly, independently and diligently. Our report is balanced and fair’

Více All News Time18 March 2017 13:46:54

Prominent loyalist dies in UDA feud – muted response from unionist leaders

16 March 2017 16:22:45 An Phoblacht

Gilmore had posted Facebook messages taunting his former associates in the UDA

Více All News Time16 March 2017 16:22:45

Cost of Irish Language Act in North £2million per year, says Conradh na Gaeilge

16 March 2017 13:42:41 An Phoblacht

Additional, once-off cost of £9million needed over five years to create the basic infrastructure to support legislation

Více All News Time16 March 2017 13:42:41