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We can’t afford a pay rise? We can’t afford a low-income and high-cost society

02 December 2016 22:26:18 An Phoblacht

Significant rises in the cost of health, housing, education, childcare and transport have put enormous pressure on Irish households

Více All News Time02 December 2016 22:26:18


Why do Fine Gael and Fianna Fáil deny Irish citizens a vote in electing the President of Ireland?

02 December 2016 14:24:59 An Phoblacht

One day Mícheál Martin is in Belfast saying he’ll stand up for Irish citizens, on another day when he’s back in Dublin . . .

Více All News Time02 December 2016 14:24:59

Tyrone Volunteers Day addressed by H-Blocks ex-POW Ian Milne MLA

01 December 2016 14:22:14 An Phoblacht

‘These were people who, because of the unfinished business of uniting Ireland, the experience of oppression and discrimination, stepped forward and joined the IRA.’

Více All News Time01 December 2016 14:22:14

Gerry Adams responds to newspaper reports on 1980s killing of Chief Prison Officer Brian Stack

30 November 2016 11:39:10 An Phoblacht

‘The Garda are the only body that can investigate this matter. I am prepared to co-operate with them on this’ – Gerry Adams

Více All News Time30 November 2016 11:39:10

Fidel Castro – People’s Book of Condolences opened by Sinn Féin at Belfast City Hall

30 November 2016 11:39:10 An Phoblacht

Respects shown to one of the major figures of the 20th century

Více All News Time30 November 2016 11:39:10

Fidel Castro RIP – Tributes by Gerry Adams in Belfast and at Free Derry Wall

29 November 2016 16:57:26 An Phoblacht

Book of Condolences opened at Cuban Embassy in Dublin

Více All News Time29 November 2016 16:57:26

Contrary account of ‘The Countess’

28 November 2016 03:34:13 An Phoblacht

Markievicz – A Most Outrageous Rebel By Lindie Naughton. Merrion Press €17.99 & €39.99

Více All News Time28 November 2016 03:34:13

Councils in North call for votes for Irish citizens in Presidential election

27 November 2016 16:53:17 An Phoblacht

Derry City & Strabane and Mid Ulster vote for equal rights

Více All News Time27 November 2016 16:53:17

Reconciliation is an imperative – not an option

25 November 2016 14:08:37 An Phoblacht

Reconciliation will not be built upon resentment and recrimination

Více All News Time25 November 2016 14:08:37

Victim’s grandson calls out PSNI chief over ‘cover-up’ ahead of McGurk’s Bar bombing anniversary

25 November 2016 14:08:37 An Phoblacht

‘The British state and the police perverted the course of justice and covered up the true circumstances of the McGurk’s Bar Massacre’

Více All News Time25 November 2016 14:08:37

Police ‘conspiracy of silence’ in death of US citizen injured after being stopped by RUC patrol

24 November 2016 19:26:24 An Phoblacht

39-year-old John Hemsworth was assaulted in the early hours of 7 July 1997 in west Belfast. Later that year he became ill, was admitted to hospital and died on 1 January 1998.

Více All News Time24 November 2016 19:26:24

Teenager’s body exhumed in hunt for British Army death squad evidence

24 November 2016 16:46:20 An Phoblacht

Daniel Rooney was 18 when he was gunned down by the British Army’s notorious Military Reaction Force (MRF) in September 1972

Více All News Time24 November 2016 16:46:20

Reconciliation cannot be a one-way process, Martin McGuinness says in appeal for ‘mature leadership’ from unionism

23 November 2016 19:24:03 An Phoblacht

Archbishop of Canterbury’s Chief of Staff and Strategy, Canon David Porter, previously the church’s Director of Reconciliation, speaks at launch of Sinn Féin’s ‘A Pathway to a Better Future’

Více All News Time23 November 2016 19:24:03

On This Day 1920 – Bloody Sunday spies executed by IRA and British reprisals at Croke Park

21 November 2016 21:58:47 An Phoblacht

British forces murder GAA players and fans at Croke Park in reprisal for devastating blow to British Intelligence in Dublin by IRA

Více All News Time21 November 2016 21:58:47

Republicans honour Volunteers Patricia Black and Frankie Ryan

21 November 2016 00:36:21 An Phoblacht

Tributes paid to comrades who lost their lives on active service in England in the fight for Irish freedom

Více All News Time21 November 2016 00:36:21