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International solidarity and support is essential to achieve Irish unity

29 September 2016 15:23:59 An Phoblacht

Sinn Féin MLAs Declan Kearney and Raymond McCartney travelled to Paris last Saturday at the invitation of the French Communist Party to take part in a political and cultural programme of events to commemorate the sacrifice of the Hunger Strike martyrs and discuss the historic political watersheds of 1916 and 1981

Více All News Time29 September 2016 15:23:59


Gaeilge sa Ghaeltacht – Cad é faoin Español?

28 September 2016 20:42:16 An Phoblacht

Ar Lá Eorpach na dTeangacha, caitheann Seán Ó Néill a shúil ar chúpla scéal a tháinig chun solais le gairid

Více All News Time28 September 2016 20:42:16

The Great Escape from the H-Blocks

26 September 2016 12:28:00 An Phoblacht

TWO YEARS after the epic 1981 H-Block Hunger Strike in which ten young republicans died, there was another epic event at Long Kesh that dealt a huge blow to the Thatcher regime in Ireland. This was the escape of 38 IRA prisoners from H-Block 7 on Sunday 25 September 1983.

Více All News Time26 September 2016 12:28:00

Media peddles British agent's anonymous hearsay as fact

25 September 2016 00:24:25 An Phoblacht

Media falls over itself to present discredited conspiracy theories that rely on the claims of an anonymous paid liar and British agent as fact with no evidence

Více All News Time25 September 2016 00:24:25

Alternative approach

23 September 2016 17:50:13 Ulster Business - Articles

Richard Gillan reveals the secret behind Grant Thornton’s phenomenal growth

Více All News Time23 September 2016 17:50:13

MRF soldier-spy’s family wins first battle against British Army chiefs

21 September 2016 13:34:52 An Phoblacht

Strabane-born soldier was killed when an IRA counter-intelligence unit ambushed him on 2 October 1972 during a ‘Four Square Laundry’ collection in west Belfast

Více All News Time21 September 2016 13:34:52