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The ‘centre ground’ and the politics of Tweedledee and Tweedledum – Gerry Adams

21 October 2016 17:54:58 An Phoblacht

Nothing new about Fine Gael’s and Fianna Fáil’s ‘new politics’ – it’s about sustaining the status quo, says Sinn Féin leader

Více All News Time21 October 2016 17:54:58


Remembering Sheena Campbell

20 October 2016 15:11:31 An Phoblacht

Sheena’s plan for the by-election became known as ‘The Torrent Strategy’ and it changed the way Sinn Féin approached election work

Více All News Time20 October 2016 15:11:31

British police spy at Shell to Sea in Mayo – MEP wants Justice Minister to get answers from counterpart

16 October 2016 20:20:23 An Phoblacht

Lynn Boylan says Frances Fitzgerald has ‘perfect opportunity’ to find out who was responsible

Více All News Time16 October 2016 20:20:23

Martin McGuinness meets European Parliament’s chief Brexit negotiator in Brussels

14 October 2016 12:13:50 An Phoblacht

North’s deputy First Minister meets senior MEPs and leaders of the European Parliament’s political groupings

Více All News Time14 October 2016 12:13:50

Budget Bingo’s fiver a week for all

13 October 2016 20:11:59 An Phoblacht

There was no bad news in the Budget, says spin doctor Terry Prone

Více All News Time13 October 2016 20:11:59

Westminster’s Brexit policy ‘all over the place’

12 October 2016 20:09:23 An Phoblacht

Uncertainty is thwarting investment and jobs. Brexit is already affecting household budgets, says John O’Dowd MLA

Více All News Time12 October 2016 20:09:23

1916 leader Éamonn Ceannt’s grand-nephew joins Felons’ Club celebration in Belfast

12 October 2016 14:49:01 An Phoblacht

David Ceannt thanked the Felons’ Association for making all the families of the executed 1916 leaders honorary members

Více All News Time12 October 2016 14:49:01

‘Bullish’ Michael Noonan turns tail and runs from TV Budget showdown with Pearse Doherty

12 October 2016 12:08:56 An Phoblacht

Fine Gael Finance Minister pulls out of live head-to-head just hours before ‘Prime Time’ face-off

Více All News Time12 October 2016 12:08:56

On This Day, 1984 – IRA bombs British Government at Brighton

12 October 2016 12:08:56 An Phoblacht

Audacious IRA attack in England during the conflict

Více All News Time12 October 2016 12:08:56

Brexit – Martin McGuinness to meet European Parliament leaders in Brussels

11 October 2016 20:06:22 An Phoblacht

Deputy First Minister says it’s important we continue to build international support to ensure the ‘Remain’ vote of the majority of the people of the North of Ireland is respected

Více All News Time11 October 2016 20:06:22

Ryanair tycoon’s tirade at Fine Gael pre-Budget business breakfast against right to strike, public sector workers and RTÉ

10 October 2016 14:43:16 An Phoblacht

Finance Minister Michael Noonan tees up ‘rapturous, applauding’ audience at fundraiser for onslaught by millionaire against workers’ rights – and Fianna Fáil will host same in November

Více All News Time10 October 2016 14:43:16

Martin McGuinness to challenge Theresa May directly on her immunity for British armed forces

09 October 2016 14:41:19 An Phoblacht

Theresa May jeered at the Conservative Party conference at ‘activist left-wing human rights lawyers’ who ‘harangue and harass’ Britain’s armed forces

Více All News Time09 October 2016 14:41:19